Commitment To Success


I’ve been telling my personal business partners as well as thousands of others through my blog and articles that I’ve written that it takes several key traits to be successful with any online business.

If you truly want to earn money from home, be your own boss, and say goodbye to that J.O.B., it’s essential that you be someone who is teachable, motivated, determined, and committed to achieving success.  In fact, I wouldn’t just say these traits are essential, I would say they are mandatory for success.

Today I want to focus on commitment.

I’ve touched on commitment in other posts but I want to discuss it more thoroughly today.  I’ve also got a perfect example of commitment that I want to share with you that will hopefully motivate you.

If you’ve been following my posts you know that I’ve already stated that jumping from program to program is a major cause of failure in the internet marketing industry in general but especially in the MLM, or Network Marketing, industry.

It takes time to build any successful business and an online business is not any different.  I have never figured out why someone thinks they can start an online business and become successful almost overnight.

I’m sure it’s partly caused by all the hyped up ads and, lets call them what they really are, all the lies that are blasted all over the internet on a daily basis!

The truth is some people have become success stories quite quickly and they can prove it.  So these people are not lying about what they did; however, if they are telling you or implying to people that anyone can do the same, they are lying about that.

If you talk to one of these “overnight successes” there is one simple question you need to ask them to find out if they’re honest.

If someone has signed up dozens or even hundreds of reps. and has made thousands of dollars in their first 30 days, 60 days, or whatever their claim is just ask them this.  How many people were on your list?

If their answer is, I didn’t have a list or I had just a small list or I built a small list when I first started, you need to come right out and tell them that they’re a lying piece of doo doo!  Then hang up the phone and never consider working with that person ever again!

But, just because you can’t be an overnight success, does that mean you just give up on your dreams?  Absolutely not!  You just have to realize that you can be successful but it’s going to take some education, determination, and commitment.

The reason I decided to write about commitment today is because I just read a Facebook® post earlier and I was so impressed by this post that I was inspired to blog about it immediately.

I have no idea who the poster was because he’s not on my team but that doesn’t matter.

His post read, “After eight months since joining…I finally made my first sale. Hopefully it will not take most of you that long. But even it does: Don’t quit!”

I would almost guarantee you that the person who posted that is ultimately going to be a huge success!  It is rare to find someone with that kind of determination, commitment, and patience in this industry.  If that doesn’t inspire you I don’t know what will.

Now, I’m not saying it’s going to take you 8 months to make your first sale or sign up your first recruit but I am saying that’s the kind of attitude and character traits that you need to work on if you want to achieve home based business success!

Please share this post with as many people as you can because there are thousands, maybe even millions, that need this information.

Rodney Bruce

Increasing Your Conversion Rates


In yesterday’s post, “Are Your Conversion Rates Too Low“, I discussed why your conversion rates might be low or even non-existent.

No matter what your sponsor or some guru tells you, unless you’re spending hundreds or even thousands of dollars to drive huge amounts of traffic to your capture pages, you are never going to get enough opt-ins to convert into new recruits or sales for you to build a successful home based business.  I explained why in yesterday’s post.

Since you can no longer rely on capture pages and autoresponder follow-up messages to convince people to join your business opportunity, you have to do things differently and the main thing you have do differently is you have to build relationships with your prospects.

You may have heard this before but it bears repeating.  People don’t join companies, they join other people.  Specifically, they like to join business opportunities with someone they know, like, and trust.

I won’t say it’s impossible but I will say that it’s practically impossible to get to know someone and get them to like and trust you through autoresponder email messages. You might be able to do it with personal emails but it’s so much easier to just pick up the phone and give someone a call. You can accomplish in 5-10 minutes or so what would probably take you 10 or more emails.

I know that most internet marketers, especially new ones, have a fear of calling someone on the phone or they just don’t want to do it.  Well, if you truly want to earn money from home you better change that attitude right now or go back to a regular job.  I know that might sound harsh but it’s better to learn the truth now than after months or years of trying and failing.

If you have a fear of calling people it’s probably because you have in your mind cold calling people who have no idea of who you are and trying to convince them to take a look at your business opportunity or product.  That’s not what I’m talking about at all.

I’m talking about calling people who have already opted into your lead capture page and are actively taking a look at joining your business opportunity or purchasing your product.  I’m talking about someone who is probably hoping you will call them because they’re too scared to call you.  And while they’re waiting on you they might even be searching the internet for that “big hitter” I talked about yesterday and forget all about you.

So you know my advice was to call these prospects and I promised to give you some specific talking points in today’s post to help you build a relationship with someone.

I don’t remember when I learned it or who from but a good acronym to keep in mind when you’re trying to build a relationship with a prospect on the phone is F.O.R.M.

F.O.R.M. stand for Family, Occupation, Recreation, and Motivation.  These are four areas that can help you build that relationship and help you determine if you even want this person to join your business opportunity.

Almost everyone likes to talk about themselves so when you are on these phone calls all you primarily need to do is ask questions and then shut up and listen.  Really listen!

Asking someone if they’re married, for how long, have any children, etc as well as what they like to for fun are primarily questions to build your relationship.

Questions about what they do for a living, how long they’ve been doing that type of work, and whether they have ever been self-employed and/or worked a home based business before are questions that can help you discover if this person would be a good fit in your business.

Lastly, is motivation.  Try to discover WHY someone is interested in starting a home based business.  Try to gently get them to open up and share their desires, ambitions, and dreams.  Learn these things and talk about them and about how much you want to help and see them live those dreams.  But, don’t be a phoney! If you really don’t care about helping someone achieve their goals and dreams, you better learn how to start caring right now!

I know these suggestions might seem too simplistic to help raise your conversion rates but due to personal experience, I can assure you that they will!

Rodney Bruce

Are Your Conversion Rates Too Low?


Almost everyday I have people email or call me and tell me that they’re getting lots of opt-ins to their capture pages but almost none of them are making a purchase or joining their business opportunity.

Actually that’s a quite common thing to hear these days and I wouldn’t be surprised if it’s happening to you too.

It used to be that you could throw up a good capture page and as long as you were promoting  a good product or business opp., a decent percentage of your capture page opt-ins would convert into a customer or a downline member.  But not anymore.

Over the past few years more and more people think the key to their success is to join a business opportunity directly under a big hitter or at least someone who shows up in the search engines when they search the name of the company.

People will literally go do a search for one of these big hitters immediately after finding out from opting into your capture page just what business you’re promoting!

They assume since this person shows up high in the search rankings he must have a big organization, an awesome marketing system, or be an awesome coach, or all of those things.

Chances are that this person is not going to be able to help them be more successful than any other sponsor could because he’s probably using the same marketing system and offering the same training as thousands of others in that same company.

But the thing is these people showing up high in the search rankings are perceived as being more knowledgeable and more successful so the person wanting to join your business opportunity believes they will definitely be more successful signing up under that person because of the perceived value.

In actuality it’s very possible and most likely that it won’t make any difference in their success level as a result of signing up under this big hitter.  In fact it might even make their odds of success worse because a lot of these big hitters don’t have the time or even the desire to spend time with their recruits on a one on one basis.  So, what do you do?

You need to position yourself as someone who is truly knowledgeable and truly willing to focus on helping new people coming into your business to be successful.

How do you do that?

You don’t just simply rely on a capture page and a marketing system to get people to sign up under you.  You have to start building relationships with the people who opt into your capture page to find out about your business.

The best thing to do, and most of you won’t want to hear this, is to call the people who opt into your capture page and talk to them personally.  Don’t just rely on your autoresponder’s follow-up messages to get people into your business.  Talk to these people and find out what their goals and ambitions are.  Get to know them personally.  Show them that you are someone who is going to be there for them and that you have a vested interest in helping them to become successful.

If you think you just can’t call people and build relationships with them, get over it!  You can do it!  All you need to do is try and you will find out that the folks you are calling will be so grateful that you’re interested enough in their success that you actually called them, that you will quickly start to enjoy making these phone calls.

Let me tell you right now that if you truly want to be successful in a home based business, you need to start showing your prospective business partners that you are someone that is willing and capable of helping them be truly successful.  And you can show that by simply making contact with them and building a relationship with them.

Next post I will get into some specifics on ways to build that relationship.

Now go pick up that phone and give a prospect a call and possibly make a new friend! :)

Rodney Bruce

Another Quick Political Opinion Post


I’m sorry but I just felt the need for another post on the United States’ current political situation.

Since my previous post, President Obama, Democrats, or Republicans, I just had to get some more stuff off my chest and offer some advice.

As I expected things definitely got worse instead of better.

Do you think that more than just a small percentage of our federal government are doing what they’re doing out of concern for the American people?  I don’t think so.

The whole situation has turned into a pissing contest for a bunch of egotistical politicians who are too stubborn to do what’s right and are only concerned about being the “winners” in this political battle.  And that’s all it is, a political battle to prove who will hold out the longest and become the ultimate “winner” of this battle.

I have already contacted my congressman, my senators, and the president and expressed to them my opinion that they need to stop acting like a bunch of children and do something to fix the problem!

The thing is, we need millions of people to do the same thing.  So please, I encourage you to write letters and emails and make phone calls to voice your concern and disgust with the way things are being handled.

I don’t know what happened to “a government by the people and FOR the people” but we need to do whatever we can to get it back!

Thanks for allowing me to vent.

Now get started writing those letters and making those phone calls!

Rodney Bruce

Using Facebook to Generate Leads


Probably all of you reading this have heard that Facebook is a great way to generate leads for your business; but, are you using it in the most beneficial way?

Most people think or, worse yet, have been taught to open a Facebook account, start getting as many friends as they can, and regularly make posts on your timeline about your awesome business opportunity and the leads will just start pouring in.

I’ll tell you now that approach does not works very badly if it ever works at all.  I’ll tell you why.

The majority of people on Facebook are there to build relationships with people they know or people they would like to get to know because they share common interests.  They didn’t join Facebook to get bombarded by advertisements every day.

Now it is true that there are people who have joined Facebook because they were told it was a good way to generate free leads for their business and they don’t care about building relationships with anyone unless of course you’re willing to join their business opportunity.

People who are taught this strategy are also taught that you have to ignore all of the other ads so they don’t get distracted from the primary goal of getting leads for the business they’re currently a part of.  So how many people do you think are actually reading the ads of other people?  I don’t know the exact percentage but I would estimate it to be very low!

So, what’s the correct way to use Facebook to generate leads for your business?

You find people who have similar interests as you.  It doesn’t have to be people who are already building a home based business.  It could be anything that you have in common.  If you’re into snow boarding, find others who are interested in snow boarding and get to know them.

There are other good areas of interest that can lead you to finding more targeted and qualified people who are more likely to be interested in starting their own business.  People who are in Facebook groups that are dedicated to people like Robert Kiyosaki, Tony Robbins, etc. can be excellent prospects for your business opportunity.

When you start having conversations with these new friends, the conversation will eventually turn to what each of you do for a living.  That’s your opening to find people who might be interested in your home based business.

Here’s the thing though.  When someone asks you what you do for a living, you don’t go into a sales pitch about how you own a home based business and you’re in the best company ever.  You don’t start talking about how your company has the best products and the best compensation plan and that you can start earning $5,000+ a week within 90 days.

That will turn your new friend off so fast it will make your head spin.

What you do is simply tell them that you work from home and that you really enjoy it.  You might also mention what industry you’re in like health and nutrition or whatever it is that your company sells and that’s it!  No sales pitch!

What you will find is that some of the people will express an interest in what you do.  They might tell you that they have always wanted their own business or to work from home.  Heck, some will even come right out and ask you if you can give them more information on what you’re doing.  If they don’t come right out and ask you but they have shown an interest in what you’re doing you can then make a simple offer to send them some information if they would like to learn more about it.  The key is not to try and force the information on them!

If you follow this method of using Facebook to generate leads you will have much better success than using the bombard them with ads method.

One last thing.  The key to being successful in a home based business, especially MLM, is to take your focus off of what you can do to be successful and put your focus on how you can help others to be successful.

So share this post with as many people as you can and make your focus everyday be on how many people you can help!

Rodney Bruce

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